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Premium Penis Pumping Kit

It's a common misperception that penis pumping is just for men looking to grow their penises. While many have experienced penis growth with only 45 minutes of pumping 3 times a week, the short term benefits are often overlooked.

The Premium Penis Pump can give you an erection on demand. By placing your penis in the vacuum cylinder and pumping out the air, blood will be pulled to your penis. This will give you an instant erection. Your erection will likely even be bigger than the erection you achieve naturally. So long as you're aroused, you should be able to maintain this massive erection. If not, you can lock it in with the included erection control ring. So within minutes of removing the product from the box you can experience a bigger penis. While a one time use won't make it permanent, it's a great way to experience having a bigger penis. You may decide that having a bigger penis is something you want to pursue, or you may just like to have the pump on hand for those times you're looking to spice things up.

An often overlooked benefit is that many men enjoy the feeling of the vacuum on their penis. Many users will use their penis pump for the sensation alone.

The Premium Penis Pump Kit comes with one acrylic vacuum cylinder, one premium hand pump, and one leather erection ring. The kit comes in three sizes with differently sized vacuum tubes. The Beginner is 1.75" in diameter, the Intermediate is 2" in diameter, and the Advanced is 2.25" in diameter. It's everything you need to have an enhanced penis experience.